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Hi guys! Kyle here, this is the place where you can ask me questions about anything RCheli related; in particular any Zen related brands and products. I’m look forward to helping with any questions you might have. If I don’t know the answer I will go out of my way to find out for you.  Any and all questions are welcome. Just remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question, just silly people that don’t ask them.








GARY – GOBLIN 700 “What setup could you provide/recommend for a goblin 700”


Hi Gary,

Thank you for your question regarding a Goblin 700 setup.

When flying any 700 size Heli it really is hard to go past BK servos and highly recommend them for a Goblin Build.

As for the motor it really depends on your flying style, For sport to mild 3D a Scorpion 4035 530kv with a 120HV ESC works great. For something with a bit more power to enable you to push the heli I’d recommend a Quantum 4530 500KV with a 160HV plus ESC.

Both the BK’s and Quantum are available from our website currently and the scorpion can be ordered if requested.

I hope I answered your question!


Kyle Orrock


We all think “Helis Are Awesome!” Check out the Vid below


Bert Kammerer showing the abilities of the “Urukay”

Joshua Labita Flying at his local club Greensborough Model Aero Club GMAC

Joshua Labita Flying at his local club Greensborough Model Aero Club GMAC

Kyle Stacy braves the cold to show us the new Goblin 570!

SAB Heli Division Tips: Goblin Competition


SAB is very excited to present a new Goblin at the Radio Model Show in Ozzano, Italy on June 7th and 8th.  The machine is scheduled for release in approximately 2-3 month, we will have pictures and more information after the event in Ozzano.


The Goblin “URUKAY” has some very special features allowing it to enter the F3C market:


– Awesome new canopy and boom design


– New swash plate


– New CNC main gear


– New tail slider


– New main frame and landing gear


– 2 or 3 bladed rotor head option


– Support for main blades up to 750mm in lenght


– 2 or 3 bladed tail rotor option


– All upgraded parts compatible with existing Goblins


Goblin 570  Manual here: