DryFluid Extreme Gear Lube 10ml

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DryFluid Extreme Gear Lube 10ml

1 Dry fluid gear lube


DryFluid Extreme Gear Lube was specially developed for highly stressed gears in modelling applications. Findings in the aviation and vehicle industries as well as the expert knowledge of many RC drivers are the driving forces behind this innovative modelling lubricant. It is characterized by a low sliding friction during an extreme compressive resistance and an excellent adhesive force. Due to the use of high-end slide lubricant components, DryFluid has minimal dust and dirt adhesion.

The main fields of application of DryFluid Extreme Gear Lube are gears of model helicopters, RC cars, trucks, model railways and servos. Also applicable for axles, joints and bearing systems in any modelling application.


DryFluid Extreme Gear Lube is a dry lubricant rather than a classic grease. DryFluid is not wax; it is neither greasy nor oily but is silicone-free. A long-lasting lubrication effect is achieved using dry particles, sliding polymers and high-end sliding fluids. After application the fluid becomes dry and forms a white lubricant film. The application and long-term effects of DryFLuid Extreme Gear Lube will interest every modeller.


  • Unprecedented lubricating properties
  • Reduction of power loss through friction
  • Reduction of running noise
  • Reduction of wear
  • Extreme pressure resistance
  • Long-term stability
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent material compatibility with all current metal, plastic and natural rubber materials
  • Dust and dirt repellent

Included is a pinpoint dispenser and a separate fine cannula for a very precise application, as well as a fine hair paintbrush for surface applications.


What’s so innovative about DryFluid Extreme is how quickly it changes from a liquid to a dry film. This unique feature enables it to provide extended lubrication without attracting dirt and dust, unlike conventional lubricants that leave a sticky residue that cakes up with grime over use. Less dirt and dust means even less abrasion, something that RC heli pilots have greatly appreciated over comprehensive life-cycle testing. While conventional oils and grease rub away with use, DryFluid Extreme remains dry and stuck to its applied surface and reduces operating temperature. Basically, anything that moves can be treated with DryFluid Extreme including RC model shafts, bearings, guides, ball-links and swash plates. Field tests have shown that the reduction of friction by DryFluid even extended the auto-rotation time considerably. (The few exceptions are Nitro engines and compression bearings, which require purpose-made lubricants and greases.)


The very young German company DryFluids provides a revolutionary new lubrication technology for RC helicopter. While conventional lubricants are mostly based on oil or grease, DryFluid Extreme takes an entirely new approach buy using ceramic lubricant particles and micro-sized polymers that remain dry while ensuring full lubrication. A special adhesive component ensures that the lubricating particles stick to the surface that they are intended to lubricate. A fourth key ingredient is the fast evaporating liquid carrier that also ensures an almost unbelievable capillary action, allowing the lubrication particles to penetrate into even the smallest areas between gears and surfaces. The liquid carrier is formulated to dry within minutes of being applied, giving this revolutionary new product its name: DryFluid. The “Extreme” suffix indicates the environments this product is designed for. It can be used under extreme pressure, remain thermally stable at high temperatures while still delivering incomparable low friction for long term lubrication and dry run protection. Dry run protection is a special property of the new technology offered by DryFluid Extreme. Tiny ceramic particles act as a low-friction bearing between surfaces to protect them from wear. In addition, lubricating polymers reduce friction to offer a long-term protective effect.

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