SAB Goblin Fireball Competition

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Goblin Fireball Competition

(with Comp. motor, ESC and blades )

Registered design 003738210-0001/0004

SAB Goblin Fireball 280 – Bring On the Heat !!

Utilizing an ultra innovative & patented Direct Drive motor to main shaft layout, the Goblin Fireball 280 utilizes no transmission system, with the tail belt being direct driven. This allows massive levels of simplicity & functionality, making the system ultra durable and incredibly easy to repair.

Innovative, gorgeous and ready to push the envelope of micro 3D flight, the Goblin Fireball 280 features cutting edge capability & functionality that sets it apart from any other micro heli on the market today.


  • Minimal Parts & Low Complexity with Direct Drive Motor Layout
  • Micro Servo Design for Maximum Levels of Performance & Control
  • Ultra Innovative Centralized Motor Layout for Optimum CG
  • Incredibly Low Parts Count for Ease of Assembly & Repair
  • Direct Flight Control System via Swashplate to Rotor System


  • Main Rotor Diameter: 626mm w/ 280mm Blades
  • Approximate RTF Weight: 890g
  • Cyclic Servos: Micro Size / 23mm
  • Tail Servo: Mini Size / 23mm
  • Motor: Competition SAB Motor -HE015
  • ESC: 60A
  • Batteries: 6S 22.2V / 900mAh – 1250mAh
  • Red Aluminium grip arm
  • Red Aluminium tail pitch slider
  • Red tail blades
  • Red light FG Canopy with carbon look
  • Red Carbon-reinforced tail boom

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x SAB SG289 Goblin Fireball Competition Kit
  • 1 x SAB Competition Goblin Fireball Motor
  • 1 set SAB 280mm High Strength Carbon Fiber Main Blades
  • 1 set SAB 50mm High Strength Plastic Tail Blades
  • 1 x SAB 60A ESC

Required for Flight:

  • 3 x Micro Sized 23mm Cyclic Servos
  • 1 x Mini Sized 23mm Tail Servo
  • 1 x 6S 22.2V 900mAh – 1250mAh LiPo Battery
  • 1 x Micro Sized Flight Controller
  • 1 x 6+ Channel Transmitter
  • 1 x Receiver




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