1. John Kennedy says

    Hi Ben, I was talking to your father today and enquired on how your dedicated model aircraft flying is going in our future hobbies world, he explained to me check out the ZEN RC Ben’s test on Goblin 380 aircraft and I was amazed and not overly surprised to watch how you handled that magnificent machine. Now knowing you all of your life I always could see a dedicated and disciplined Hobby Pilot of the future. We have always had a lot of fun at our end of year work breakups and I loved it when you entertained us with 1 or 2 new RC machines and will never forget a few years ago when you mowed grass in the paddock next to work and proved your uncanny style of RC Flight with Fixed Wing and Choppers. Not only the reaction timing but you always seem to know where the Flight is and in my sport (quite different) we call that Pure Technique and Discipline to the Max well done. Keep up the good work and I am sure the people you have tested the Goblin 380 are very proud to have a good lad as yourself on their team as you will be a future World Class RC Pilot and will be Tough to Compete against. ALL THE BEST Ben, Regards John K.

    • Ben Biggs says

      Wow thank you so much for the kind words John. I will look forward to catching up with you next time I am home. Hope everything is going well, Ben.

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