The soul of the company has been in the RC Helicopter industry since 2003. Structure, integrity and design are what we are known for. As a sports car cannot perform to its full potential without a set of performance tires, we at Halo believe a helicopter can not perform at its full potential without a set of best inclass blades therefore our research and develop team continues to strive the best in class. Our products are carefully researched, designed and tested in order to provide the utmost quality and while meeting strict safety standards. Halo offers the best performance product for the best 3D experience. The satisfactions of inverting or just hovering for the first time, these thrills are a pilot’s greatest rewards. Every day, we stop at nothing to design the blade pilots need to achieve these accomplishments. So whether your are one of the top pilots in the world or someone who just bought that helicopter from your local hobby store the first time we at Halo have a single goal: to deliver the best performing products the industry has ever known.

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