BK Micro Size Servo Model 3002HV

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BK Micro Size Cyclic Servo

This high end micro servo was specifically designed for models using blades under 300mm. It offers incredible speed and performance, it is also 100% high voltage compatible and very precise. Ideal for sub micro class helicopters, such as the Oxy line, Goblin Fireball and Mini Comet. Fast enough to be used as either a cyclic or tail servo.


  • High Voltage
  • High Speed
  • Excellent Centering
  • Compatible with Futaba type horns/arms
  • Light Weight


  • Operation Voltage: 6 – 8V
  • Weight: 20g (0.71oz)
  • Dimensions: 12mm x 23mm x 27 mm
  • Frequency: 1520us/333hz
  • Gear Type: Metal
  • Motor Type: Coreless


  • 0.055 sec/60 @5V
  • 0.045 sec/60 @6V
  • 0.035 sec/60 @7.4V


  • 2.31 kg/cm (32.1 oz/in) @5V
  • 2.82 kg/cm (39.2 oz/in) @6V
  • 53.42 kg/cm (47.5 oz/in) @7.4V


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