Precision Design HPS2 System – Goblin 630/700/770/Speed

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The new HPS2  head offers an independent dampening system for
each blade grip.
In the box,  there are three dampening settings:

A = Soft for smooth response.
B = Medium.
C = Firm for direct and precise response.

in addition to:
– High precision Swashplate H0422-S; and
– Titanium main linkage.


– Aluminum Main Hub HPS2 x 1pc

– Steel Spindle x 2 pcs

– Aluminum Main Blades Grip x 2pcs

– Aluminum Main Blades Grip Arm x 2pcs

– Titanium Main Linkage x 2pcs

– Aluminum New Design Swashplate x 1set

– Hard wares

Use For:

– Goblin 630/700/770/Competition/Speed



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